Hello everyone! I hope that the quarantine finds you well. In the midst of what seems to be a season of darkness, I am reminded why we sing the songs that we do. It’s not often that we get to share the total back-stories of many of these songs; so I thought that we would start off with what seems to be a favorite thus far across the 4P fam. This is a rock ‘n roll tune that means a lot to us. Written a number of years back, this song speaks of how there are things in this world that we are tired of – sickness, violence, hopelessness; the list goes on…but it also declares a HOPE and a need for something bigger than our situations or circumstances we find ourselves in. I have often found that when chaos creeps in, there are a number of ways that we process things. We often run from the storm or try to fill the void with something that ultimately leaves us dry. Sick of It All is a song about my personal testimony and struggle to find my hope and joy in Christ alone. This song is an honest prayer that confronts my own self-righteousness and ultimately points me to build my dependence upon a rock that cannot be shaken. Vulnerability is scary thing in our postmodern culture. I remember us recording this song and having thoughts flash through my mind that I am ultimately going to be opening my heart to anyone who listens to it. Little did we know, this song would resonate with millions around the globe and ultimately be the tune that gave our band a voice. I believe something beautiful happens when we rip off the mask, when we unveil our true hearts cry and understand that strength is not found in perfection, but in weakness and in honesty. I’ve often said, “I sing hymns and worship melodies to remind myself of God’s love, in return I sing my own songs to remind myself who I am without Him.” This creates a healthy balance and puts me in my rightful place. The famous speaker Tim Keller says “The gospel is this: We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time, we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope”. This is the essence of Sick of It All; it is a constant dialogue between who I am and who I am not. “I am not who I once was, but I walk like I’m blind, I am like broken pieces that are shattered inside”. We have been absolutely humbled to see how this tune has resonated with so many all over the globe. As a band, our mantra has always been, “Songs deserve a purpose”. When we use the vehicle of our life beyond ourselves, we find that life is given rather than taken. We become more full than empty. Don’t be afraid to confront and share your weakness – perfectionism doesn’t exist on this side of heaven. – Matt ​✌🏻

162 thoughts on “SICK OF IT ALL

  1. Jeremy Harshfield says:

    We saw you guys perform at The Forge in Joliet, on November 6th. We brought our 13 year old son, as it was his first concert.

    You guys were the highlight of the night!

    We were in the front row and Matt talked to us all night. He introduced himself. He asked how we were. Told us we were gonna have fun and we got to help him crowd surf.

    The band is awesome! Bryce is AWESOME on the bass and Bradley was kick butt on the drums. We love you guys so much!

    We were hoping to purchase some of your music and merchandise but by the time we got over to your table, you guys had left. So we just want to ask you guys to PLEASE, PLEASE play some more shows soon. We will be going to any of your shows in the Illinois area.

    You guys made fans out of us. Thanks for being so passionate about your music and making it contagious. Don’t stop guys!

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